Construction Design Risk Management
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Services for Clients

Client Services – Ensure you comply with CDM2015

With our experience as Planning Supervisors and  CDM Co-ordinators over the years we specialise in working closely with Clients to ensure compliance.

Services include

  • General advice
  • Designer and contractor competency checks
  • Assistance with the preparation of the client brief
  • Existing pre-construction information review
  • Advice on missing pre-construction information
  • Compile pre-construction information pack
  • Guidance on notification
  • Submit notification to the HSE and update as necessary
  • Design review to ensure CDM compliance
  • Guidance on buildability
  • Guidance on cleaning and maintenance strategy
  • Produce health and safety file template during the pre-construction phase
  • Review the principal contractor’s construction phase plan and advise on its suitability
  • Undertaken site safety audits to ensure principal contractor compliance
  • Request, compile and track all health and safety file information
  • Review health and safety files produced by others

Every project is different and may require a tailored set of services. Contact us for more details and we will provide a solution for your needs 0161 485 8386