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Client Services

Why you may need assistance?

The new regulations put more onus on Clients to ensure whole project compliance. As a Client you MUST ensure that those you appoint, i.e. Principal Designer and Principal Contractor along with the other designers, all comply with their duties.

The new regulations make it easier for HSE inspectors to fine and prosecute all duty holders for non-compliance even if it has not led to an accident or incident. If a contractor or designer is found to have breached their regulations then the HSE may have grounds to investigate the Client for allowing this to happen and subsequent fines, notices or prosecutions may follow. It is therefore imperative that Clients have measures in place to ensure whole project compliance.

To assist clients we provide the following services

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Provide General advice
  • Undertake Designer and Contractor SKATE* assessments (formerly competence checks)
  • Assistance with the preparation of the client brief
  • Existing pre-construction information review
  • Provide advice on missing pre-construction information and what is needed to fill any gaps
  • Compile a Client Pre-construction Information Pack for issue to the Principal Designer to continue to develop
  • Guidance on notification
  • Submit notification to the HSE and update as necessary
  • Design review and attendance at Design Meetings to ensure CDM compliance including
    • Guidance on buildability
    • Guidance on cleaning and maintenance strategy
  • Ensure that the Principal Designer produces a health and safety file during the pre-construction phase and advise on its suitability
  • Review the principal contractor’s construction phase plan and advise on its suitability
  • Construction Phase
  • Undertake site safety audits to ensure principal contractor compliance
  • Attendance at Progress Meetings to monitor any ongoing design
  • Monitor the Principal Designers development of the health and safety file and advise on its suitability
  • Ensure that the Principal Designer issues the Health and Safety File on completion of the project

Where the Client is also acting as Principal Designer we can also provide the following Services

  • Design Compliance Reviews and Guidance
  • Compile, produce and distribute the Pre-Construction Information Pack
  • Advise on buildability and maintenance strategies at design stage.
  • Assist the Principal Designer in monitoring the pre-construction phase to ensure co-operation between designers. Ensure all residual risks are identified and included in the Pre-construction Information Pack (PCIP).
  • Request and review designers residual risk statements and update PCIP and distribute as necessary. Request and review cleaning and maintenance strategy at design stage to ensure suitable measures have been deigned in. Update H&S File as required
  • Collate and produce a PCIP suitable for distribution to all team members. Update and re-issue PCIP as and when additional information is produced.
  • Produce the Health & Safety File at Design Stage and then request, track and populate the file with information from the designers and contractors so that it is ready for the completion of the project.

*Skills, Knowledge, Training and Experience (formerly competence)