Construction Design Risk Management
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Our Services

Every project has its own unique requirements and that there is not a ‘one size fits’ all solution. We provide services that assist all duty holders in complying with the regulations. Whether its a Clients best friend or a Principal Design Partner you require, contact us for further information on how we can help you comply.

Our Services Include

  • Principal Designer Services – with our in house design qualifications we are able to accept direct appointments as Principal Designer
  • Adviser to Principal Designers – work along side designers to assist them in discharging their duties
  • Client CDM Adviser – working with CDM Clients to monitor and advise the design team to ensure that Clients have the reassurance that those they appoint are adequately discharging their duties
  • Principal Designer or Adviser to Principal Designer for Contractors when they are required to take on the Principal Designer role for Design and Build Projects.
  • The following are some of the activities we undertake
    • Providing advice to the Client and Principal Designer on the requirements for suitable health and safety management arrangements and how these should be documented and produced
    • Undertake competency checks on duty holder appointments when requested by the Client
    • Establish existing pre construction information and advise the Client and Principal Designer on any gaps that need filling by additional surveys or investigations.
    • Attend design meetings and undertake ongoing design review to ensure CDM compliance
    • Advise the Client on notification requirements
    • Submit notification on behalf of the client
    • Update the notification where necessary on behalf of the client
    • Provide advice to all duty holders on the General Principles of Prevention.
    • Provide advice and guidance on design risk management and undertake CDM reviews of designs.
    • Produce CDM risk registers and monitor/update as the design/project progresses
    • Advise on buildability and maintenance strategies at design stage.
    • Assist the Principal Designer in monitoring the pre-construction phase to ensure co-operation between designers. Ensure all residual risks are identified and included in the Pre-construction Information Pack (PCIP).
    • Request and review designers residual risk statements and update PCIP and distribute as necessary. Request and review cleaning and maintenance strategy at design stage to ensure suitable measures have been deigned in. Update H&S File as required
    • Collate and produce a PCIP suitable for distribution to all team members. Update and re-issue PCIP as and when additional information is produced.
    • Produce the Health & Safety File at Design Stage and then request, track and populate the file with information from the designers and contractors so that it is ready to hand over to the client on completion of the project.
    • Review the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Plan for suitability and issue a compliance certificate to the Client.
    • Undertake site safety inspections of the Principal Contractor to ensure construction phase compliance and that notification is displayed correctly
    • Provide ongoing advice to the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor through the Construction Phase.
    • Hand over the completed Health and Safety File to the Client