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Domestic Clients in CDM2015

Domestic Clients

Who is a Domestic Client?

A domestic client is someone who has work done on their own property or that of a family member and the work is not connected to the running of a business.

Domestic Clients do not have to do anything under CDM2015. Their duties are deemed to the Contractor when there is only one contractor or the Principal Contractor when there is more than one.

The main designer in control of the design will become the Principal Designer and the main contractor in control of the construction phase will become the Principal Contractor.

The Principal Designer can take on the Client Duties if there is a written agreement in place.

Domestic clients will only have duties under Part 4 of the Regulations (General Requirements for all Construction Sites) if they control the way in which construction work is carried out (eg by insisting on use of an unsafe means of access).

Duties under Part 4 apply irrespective of employment status or whether you do construction work, but kick in if there is significant control over the way the work is done. The extent of the duty is in proportion to the degree of control you have over the work in question.

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