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CDM2015 Client Guide

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – Client Guide 1.                Appointments and Notifications

  • When there is only one contractor on a project there is no requirement for the Client to appoint a Principal Designer or Principal Contractor however the Client must ensure that the contractor provides a construction phase plan, risk assessments and method statements and make sure that the site is secure
  • When more than one contractor is expected  to work on a project the Client must appoint a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor in writing
  • The project only needs notifying when the project lasts more than 30 days AND is expected to have 20 men on site at any one time (or is more than 500 person days)
  • There will therefore be less projects notified but more projects requiring specific duty holder appointments
  • On domestic projects the Client duties are to be carried out by the contractor (where there is only one contractor) or the Principal Contractor (where there is more than one contractor). The Principal Designer will carry out these duties if there is a written agreement in place.

2.                Preparation of the client brief The Client should develop a brief that should:

  • describe the main function and operational requirements of the finished building or structure
  • outline your motivation for initiating the project
  • give your expectations during the project
  • explain the design direction you have in mind
  • establish a single point of contact for any client queries or discussions during the project
  • set a realistic time-frame and budget.

Whilst the initial client brief sets out your general requirements and expectations for the project, it is also important that it outlines your health and safety expectations. 3.                Pre-construction phase responsibilities During the pre construction phase the client must;

  • Make suitable arrangements for managing the project
  • Select the project team and formally appoint duty holders
  • Provide information to help with design and construction planning
  • Notify the project to the enforcing authorities, where required
  • Check that the principal designer is carrying out their duties

4.                Construction phase responsibilities During the Construction phase the Client must;

  • Ensure the construction phase plan is in place
  • Ensure welfare facilities are in place
  • Ensure the management arrangements are working
  • Check completion and handover arrangements

5.                Post-construction phase responsibilities Following the construction phase the Client must;

  • Check that the health and safety file has been prepared
  • Maintain and make available the health and safety file